Best Camping Stoves for Bivouac Adventures

Best Camping Stoves for Bivouac Adventures

Best Camping Stoves for Bivouac AdventuresWelcome to our ‘ Best Camping Stoves for Bivouac Adventures ‘ guide

There’s a wide selection of different camping stoves on the market. To help you narrow down your choices we’ve compiled some of the most highly rated and best camping stoves being sold online.

How to choose your ideal camping stove

Different types of camping stoves explained

Gas canister camping stoves

Butane and propane closed gas canisters are by far the most popular choice of fuel for campers. Most cannisters are supplied as a blend of gasses for optimum performance. Gas gives an instant, adjustable heat, with very little maintenance required. Gas canisters are widely available to purchase, are lightweight and easily portable.

Solid fuel camping stoves

Solid fuels such as meta fuel, hexamine and wood produce a soft flame which is good for calm weather conditions. If you’re burning wood make sure it’s sustainably sourced and ideally kiln dried so it lights easier and burns more cleanly. Solid fuel burning stoves are often small and compact but running them can get expensive if you’re using it as your main stove. We think solid fuel is best for quick jobs such as boiling water and warming meals through.

Solar-powered camping stoves

Solar power is an increasingly popular energy method for camping. While the initial expenditure on solar powered equipment can be more than other alternatives, the cost of repurchasing fuel is completely removed. The biggest consideration if you’re considering solar is whether you’ll be winter camping and if so, you may find you need a back up such as a gas stove.

Liquid fuel camping stoves

Liquid fuel camping stoves burn substances such as paraffin and petrol. While these are ideal for remote camping, where other fuels may be hard to come by. Most require priming which can take up valuable time, however, if you take care of them and don’t mind the maintenance, they can last for years.

Here’s our expertly picked list of the best camping stoves on the market whether for camping, survival or a bivouac adventure.

Top 5 Best Camping Stoves







To summarize not all camping stoves are the same

Found something we’ve missed? Let us know what camping stove works best for you!

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